(Italiano) ANDIAMO A GAZA!

The “Stay Human” convoy was the inevitable reaction by individuals and groups close to Palestine and its people to the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni.

Our shared memories of Vittorio, who he was, what he did and what moved him to live for years inside the outdoor prison which is the Gaza Strip, have transformed our sense of shock into collective determination.

We are going back to Gaza.

We will make the voice of Gaza heard above the stifling military siege and deafening international silence.

We will take Vittorio back to Gaza, by carrying forth the ideas which inspired his everyday actions.


We will enter Gaza on May 15th – one month after Vittorio Arrigoni’s murder and on Nakba memorial day – by passing through the Rafah crossing.

* We intend to:
* Make clear to all that nothing can stop international solidarity with the Palestinian people.
* Reinforce and carry on Vittorio’s work, producing independent information, together with Palestinian men and women, from within beseiged Gaza
* Support Palestinian popular and youth movements resisting Israeli occupation.
* State loud and clear what Vittorio always said – Stay human!


We aim to be at the Rafah crossing on May 12th. Departure from Gaza is scheduled for May 16-17. We plan to meet in Cairo on May 11th. Departure time from Cairo will be defined in the next few days. We are also checking the possibility of going to Rafah directly from Sharm el Sheikh, for those who may prefer that option.

The cost for necessary documents, transport, room and board, to be assumed by each participant, is currently estimated at about 250\, with the aim of reducing this amount going forward. The cost of transport to Cairo from your country of residence is not included in this amount.


Participants must meet minimum requirements for participation in the Stay Human Convoy and coordinate with diplomatic representatives in Cairo. Further details about procedures and documents needed will be provided as soon as available.

Please contact us on:
Email: vik2gaza@autistici.org

Mobile Italy: 0039.333.3666713

Mobile UK: +44 776 8553 982

Mobile French: +33 6635 92028


Financial contributions to the projects supported by the Stay Human Convoy, both during our stay in Gaza and afterwards, can be sent to the following account:

NAME: Giovanni Lisi
IBAN: IT 94 k 03127 03241 0000000001237

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