24_04_12 Gaza Strip: supporting the International Solidarity Movement action accompaning palestinian farmers


We wake up at dawn, after a few hours sleeping and still leading the last words written last night. With the activists of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) we go to the village of Khuza’a to make accompaniment to the farmers harvesting in their fields near the buffer zone.

This area is the most beautiful and dangerous of Gaza and until 2005 only colons lived in: about 8000 divided into 21 settlements, protected by about 30,000 troops and several checkpoints. When the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to forcibly evacuate all the colons, no Palestinian could enter this area for safety reasons.

Today nearly 10,000 Palestinians living here and the village is less than 500 meters from the border with Israel. The first day of wheat harvesting the Israeli soldiers, firing in the direction of the peasants, injured a man and the second day a woman. From the third day, the volunteers of ISM accompany the farmers at work with the intent to stop the fire, armed with fluorescent giubottini, cameras and megaphone.

Posted: April 28th, 2012
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