[Ostia] Murales against apartheid

On the 5 June of 1967 the Six-Day War ended:The State of Israel militarily occupied the Golan Heights,Sinai and Jerusalem expropriating other territories to the popolutation of Palestine.
On the 44th Anniversary of that day a group of activists sympathetic with the Palestinian cause have decided to remember the recent death of Vittorio Arrigoni,activist of Human Rights in The Gaza Strip.This group in order to underline Vittorio’s work for the palestinian cause against the israeli occupation have painted a graffiti near the Lido’s Theatre of Ostia,while others were engaged to leafleting on the beach.
After one hour a police patrol came and first af all tried to stop the painting, but they faced the determination of some people who had protect the painters with a human shield;then police called for reinforcements and totally other six police patrols have come.( came)They all claimed for documents threatening to sue for damage.
Nobody gave them their own IDs but the graffiti was not finished because of insistent police pression.
However despite of the police deny to finish the graffiti and threats,at 10 pm some people rushed to complete the painting work thanks to the support of other fellows who came just for the event.
This happened while in Piazza San Marco The Rete Romana(Roman Net) for the solidarity with Palestinian popolation was demostrating against the exodus of 300 000 palestinian after the Six-Day War.
We will continue to support Palestine in the city of Rome,where the dialogue of Palestine struggle to self determination and against Zionist Occupation it’s very hard, and we will continue to remeber Vittorio Arrigoni, an activist who gives his life to denounce what is happened and still happening in the Gaza Strip.
His eyes will be our eyes and his voice will be our voice.
In front of the puppets of power….WE STAY HUMAN.bye Vittorio!

Posted: June 6th, 2011
at 9:58am by ironriot

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